About Farmers Hot Line

Heartland Ag Business Group is a division of Catalyst Communications Network (CCN) a full service marketing and publishing company that has served the Agriculture Community for over 49 years.

Farmers Hot Line is the flagship of Heartland Ag Business Group. Consisting of five regional publications, each mailing eight times a year. Farmers Hot Line provides excellent cost-effective advertising solutions for manufacturers and providers of equipment and services designed for farmers and ranchers. Farmers Hot Line has been a trusted name in agricultural marketing for over 49 years.

Farm Equipment Guide is the specification, serial number and pricing "blue book" for farm machinery and equipment. This Annual Guide and monthly update provide equipment dealers and farmers with the latest pricing and specification information available anywhere for over 30 years. Hot Line Farm/Antique Equipment Monthly Update is a FREE digital publication located at www.HotLineGuides.com

Antique Tractor Guide this publication provides a guide on specifications and auction pricing for antique tractors and crawlers, 1979 and older.

Compact Tractor Guide is a pricing and specification guide covering over 100 manufacturers of riding, garden, and compact tractors dating back through 1990.

Heartland Ag Business Group has been serving agriculture for over 49 years. As Agriculture has changed so have our products and services. Our one single commitment is to provide buyers and sellers the ability to transact business quickly and cost effectively and you can count on the folks at Heartland to do that regardless of the forum. Should you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


Farmers Hot Line is part of the Catalyst Communications Network publication family.